It is our mission to be a Church who will partner with God in making an eternal difference in their lives. We will be a contagious Church where every member takes seriously the responsibility of building bridges of genuine love and understanding with their unbelieving friends, neighbours, co workers and relatives.

We see Sunday services which will compel us to invite others to share in our joyful worship. These services will be so alive, culturally relevant, biblically foundational and spiritually authentic that all our members will eagerly invite friends who do not know Jesus to come and experience what God is doing. We will use the arts, music, technology, faith stories, and life-related teaching of the Bible to communicate God’s truth in dynamic, fun, and creative ways so that people, whether believers or visitors, will experience God’s presence through worshipful moments. Those gathered will not only listen to the truth, power and wisdom of the Word, but will apply it to their lives that very day through worship and prayer. We will be surrounded by evidence that the Holy Spirit is at work among us through signs and wonders, people set free from bondages of the enemy, lives that are changed, relationships healed, marriages strengthened, priorities redirected, friendships forged, hope renewed and loneliness dissipated. Through our prayerfulness and dedication to excellence, God’s name will be honoured as people come to know Christ, profess their faith through believer’s baptism and are enfolded into His family.

We see a Church that loves people and is committed to building a strong sense of community through caring, authentic relationships and a collective spirit of teamwork, servant hood and prayer.  As we grow we will see the development of small groups. These groups will be a place where we get relationally connected with others and where we share our struggles and successes, hopes and fears, pain and joy. We will also foster community through initiating age-related, targeted ministries for children, youth, young adults, singles, married couples and seniors. These ministries will reflect our Church’s mission of building bridges and reconciling people to God. We endeavour in all our ministries to be a place where a stagnant relationship with God is the unacceptable exception, and spiritual growth is the exciting norm. 

We will be a Church that intentionally helps people, especially in our consumer culture, move from being a spectator to an active participant. 

Our leadership will help people identify and use their spiritual gifts and thus experience the wonderful joy of serving others. We will also value the strategic calling of leadership within our church and within the larger Christian community. We will be proactive in developing a growing core of godly, effective servant leaders in our midst. 

Finally, we see God using us to change the spiritual climate of Wallaceburg, tearing down spiritual strongholds, displacing the kingdom of darkness with the kingdom of light and to impact the world. We will be a generous church unselfishly sharing our resources, time, and facilities to encourage and assist other Churches and Para Church organizations in our region who, like us, take the Great Commission seriously. This is our dream: to be the kind of loving, serving, preaching, and anointed Church. One that will see those who have been in bondage freed and the blind having their eyes open and building the kingdom of God to the Glory of Jesus. Isaiah 61: 1-4, Luke 4:16-19 this goal, the making of more disciples for Jesus Christ, is our mission and purpose!

Living Word

29292 Running Creek Road

Wallaceburg, ON N8A 0B1

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